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Kaif Ghaznavi title= Kaif Ghaznavi
Farhan Ahmed Malhi title= Farhan Ahmed Malhi
Nausheen Shah title= Nausheen Shah
Javeria Ajmal title= Javeria Ajmal
Aatka Feroz title= Aatka Feroz
Noman Habib title= Noman Habib
Bilal Ashraf title= Bilal Ashraf
Sonya Hussain title= Sonya Hussain
Hassan Niazi title= Hassan Niazi
Amna Ilyas title= Amna Ilyas
Meesha Shafi title= Meesha Shafi
Tehreem Zuberi title= Tehreem Zuberi
Fabiha Sherazi title= Fabiha Sherazi
Sonia Ahmed title= Sonia Ahmed
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