Outside the Box- Fashiotech

Outside the Box- Fashiotech

Something extraordinary is beginning to happen as the line between technology and fashion is fast fading. From sci-fi movies to real-life Apple smart watches, Samsung’s high-tech gadgets and Huawei’s 5G technology, the world is re-shaping into something beyond imaginations.

There was a time when only elites could access computers but today, not only we have managed to get this massive access of gadgets, technologies and phones of multiple mobile brands, but everything is literally available in customized versions of trending aesthetics and comfort. Pretty patterned and colorful keyboards, wearable phones, sleek and stylish laptops, hand-compatible and glamorous smartphones and you name it!

Almost 70,000 years ago, the first cloth worn by a human was animal’s skin which mean you HAD to kill an animal, tear off skin out of his very fleshing order to cover your own body.  However, today we have reached an unending trail of humane choices. Our textile industry no longer relies on animal’s skin or plants to produce a simple garment but instead, the intellect of mankind has started to produce fabrics at a massive scale around the globe.

So after these so many advancements, we can’t resist asking WHAT’S NEXT?

And the answer is outside the box.

The inevitable merging of Fashion and Technology. The two industries are chasing each other. Gadgets are trying to be fashionable and accessories are trying to be advanced, and it will not take long before these two become ONE!

Amazon, Apple, Google, Samsung, Huawei are launching gadgets and projects which follow the best trends of fashion 2020 meanwhile Nike, Levi’s and Adidas are already launching high-tech shoes, shirts, watches, glasses, and accessories.

Space-themed fashion shows have been expressing love for technologies more than anything and as Karl Lagerfeld, famous fashion designer of Chanel launched a Rocket during a Fashion Show in Paris, before letting his models hit the ramp, propagating excitement worldwide.

Meanwhile, Zac Posen worked with Fashion House Marchesa and IBM’s Watson supercomputer to create a Cognitive Dress that lights up and changes colors based on activity on social media.

Google has developed a Jacquard project which has invented a system for weaving technology that can turn clothes or any other textiles into gesture-controlled surfaces. To show the project’s potential, Google teamed up with Levi’s and experimented on a denim jacket. The jacket contains conductive threads on the left sleeve, visible enough to know where to touch and trigger certain actions. Additionally, a Bluetooth cuff pairs the jacket to a smartphone, letting you brush your fingers on the smart fabric to check the time or swipe to play music, etc. Google intends to make the project much more interactive.

Adidas has teamed up with Silicon Valley startup Carbon 3D on a new manufacturing technique called Digital Light Synthesis which fuses light and oxygen with programmable liquid resins to create 3D objects in a matter of minutes. Imagine walking into a store, letting your footprint scanned and getting shoes with customized design, shape, and contour which sit perfectly with your pain-points. Such kind of ideal comfort is not hard to imagine as a lot of sports athletes do get customized shoes but 3D printing is, of course, a next-level concept. 

“It isn't just going to tighten or loosen laces; it could increase or decrease cushioning, it could ventilate or warm [the shoe]. This is a very, very small step in a long path of making footwear that is adjusting to our needs on the fly.”

We have already come far from the era of super-expensive and limited functioning phones and are enjoying some of the most fashionable accessories and designed phone sets available at best mobile price in Pakistan. The successful brands are predicting it is not far that we see our sci-fi dream technologies in our hands.

And all of this is telling us that our next decades will be nothing less than revolutionary. These projects which are already in development may take long to finally provide us with the real hits of high-tech fashion but one thing is for sure, they definitely will do it!

Do you also think High-tech Fashion is finally emerging and is no longer just gimmick?

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