Shiffa Yousafzai

Shiffa Yousafzai
NAME: Shiffa Yousafzai
GENDER: Female
PROFESSION: Host, Actress, Model
AGE: 26
HEIGHT: 5 Feet 5 Inches
DATE OF BIRTH: 30th January 1991
CITY: Peshawar
COUNTRY: Pakistan

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About Shiffa Yousafzai

Shiffa Z Yousafzai Host at Hum News, she is a Pakistani journalist, TV presenter, and media personality known for her work on issues related to human rights, women's empowerment, and social justice. She is a prominent figure in the Pakistani media industry and has earned several accolades for her work.

Born in Swat, a valley in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan, in 1986, Shiffa Yousafzai developed a passion for journalism at an early age. After completing her education, she started her career as a journalist in 2007, working for several prominent media organizations in Pakistan.

Throughout her career, Shiffa Yousafzai has covered a wide range of issues, from the plight of women and children affected by conflict and natural disasters to the struggles of marginalized communities in Pakistan. She has also reported on issues related to education, health, and environmental sustainability, and has been actively involved in promoting media literacy and freedom of expression in Pakistan.

In addition to her work as a journalist, Shiffa Yousafzai is also a popular TV host and has hosted several talk shows and current affairs programs on Pakistani TV channels. She is known for her ability to ask tough questions and for her fearless approach to reporting on controversial issues.

Shiffa Yousafzai has been recognized for her contributions to journalism and human rights activism both in Pakistan and internationally. She has received several awards for her work, including the Human Rights Journalism Award from the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, the Best Investigative Reporting Award from the Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists, and the Courage in Journalism Award from the International Women's Media Foundation.

Despite the challenges and dangers of reporting in Pakistan, Shiffa Yousafzai remains committed to using her voice and platform to raise awareness about important issues and to advocate for positive change. She is a role model for young journalists and women in Pakistan and continues to inspire others with her dedication, courage, and resilience.


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Shiffa Yousafzai is Female Host, Actress, Model in Pakistan. Shiffa Yousafzai's age is 26 years and height is 5 Feet 5 Inches. Shiffa Yousafzai was born on 30th January 1991 in Peshawar, Pakistan. Shiffa Yousafzai has 38274 profile views so far with 15 HD images. Find more about Shiffa Yousafzai in about section.